The Yoginis' Oracle

Introduction to the Yoginis' Oracle, by Stella Dupuis

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The Yoginis' Oracle
The 64 Yoginis’ Oracle is an ancient knowledge that is now applied in order to give answers and provide guidance.
Each card comes with specific information:
1. The first sentence gives an overview of the situation.
2. The text describes symbolism and legends for a greater understanding.
3. The Sadhana is a practice meant to enhance the positive protection or, if required, to give strength to confront any possible inconvenience.
Life brings joy but also awkward situations. A key to happiness is how we deal with difficulties. The Yoginis’ Oracle gives answers and tools to reinforce auspicious trends as well as tools to handle any negativity that may be within or around us. These tools are called Sadhana. They are primarily based on simple Yoga techniques of breathing and relaxations.
The Yoginis’ Oracle helps to acquire a deep esoteric knowledge and ways to implement this knowledge in daily life.
In India we found many Yogini temples. Each temple has its ownYoginis as if these divinities were born form the necessities of a time and place.

64 Yogini's Temple of Mitauli, India
The 64 Yoginis' Temple of Mitauli, India
64 Yogini's Temple of Ranipur Jaria, India
Yoginis' Temple of Ranipur Jaria, India
The present Yoginis’ Oracle is born as an auspicious assembly to help seekers of the XXI century.

1) We offer in this website “The Card of the day” to give you "immediate inspiring tips".
2) In order to learn to know the Yoginis from The Yoginis’ Oracle, you can do “The Yogini Yantra”. This daily practice during 64 days will give you the strength to accomplish desired changes in your life. The Yogini Yantra will help to improve the flow of energy in your body in order to harmonize your physical body with your mind and the Universe.
3) If you acquire The Yoginis' Oracle box with the cards and the guidebook, you can learn to read through The Rhombus Reading. This reading is use for specific questions and to optimize the situations, it also indicates the qualities required to achieve a goal.
2) The other reading that you can do with the Yogini cards is The Rectangular Reading that will give you a total view of the different areas of your life: Profession-Protection-Creativity-Love-Results-Money-Family and Health.
Yogini Kit
  • Become an expert in interpretation of the Yogini signs.
  • Develop your intuition and read the cards for yourself and help others
  • The Yoginis’ Oracle Handbook will give you all the tips necessary to develop your own clairvoyant skills!

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