The Yoginis' Oracle

Your Yoginis' Card of the Day

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While consulting the Oracle through the card of the day you will receive tips for the day.
By consulting a daily card you will also have the opportunity to start to know the different cards of the Yoginis’ Oracle.
Your intuition will grow with the help of the legends and symbolism of the drawings and names of these Yoginis.
The Yoginis Oracle-64 yogini's temple, Hirapur Orissa
Ranipur Jharial, Orissa-India
The generic name of Yoginis was probably unrelated to the Yoga ascetics found in 18th century Indian paintings but rather associated with the idea of union that is the meaning of the word “Yoga”.
Thus, the Yoginis are carriers of the intrinsic force (Kula i.e. divine energy, Shakti) that creates oneness within the chakras in the Universe and in our physical body.
Some Yoginis are more inclined to help in certain situations and others in others.
The gentle looking Yoginis give blessings and auspicious messages.
The awesome looking tell you that some things need to be adjusted but that you have the intrinsic force to make the best of a particular challenge.
The Yoginis with animal heads come to talk about the need to use more of your intuition and less of your analytical mind.
The Yoginis Oracle-Matsyendranatha
Matsyendranatha with the energy of the Yoginis' circulating in the body
Be silent and calm for a minute, before selecting one card from the deck of 64. Then click the Get your reading button.
Enter a number in the box or use zero for a random number of shuffles.
Then click for reading “Card of the Day”

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